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Update 1.3 is live!

We just released Update 1.3, with lots of cool new features and the Chinese language added!

This introduces much requested Steam Achievements, an all-new Quick Game mode where you can play shorter disasters with only two stages, hot joining and lots more.

Read the full changelog below:


  • Added Steam Achievements! A much requested feature, Project Planet now has over 70 achievements to show off your planet-destroying (or saving) skills to your friends!

  • Added Chinese translations to the game! Languages can be selected in your Steam library under Project Planet -> Properties -> General -> Language.

  • Added local servers for Asian players. Servers can be selected in the top right corner of the lobby screen. Note that players must have the same server region selected when logging in on

  • Added a Quick Game option. If you’re short on time, the party leader can now enable this option to play a fast-paced version of existing disasters with two Stages instead of four. Quick games last ~20 min, but are only available for the Virus and Solar Flare disasters for now.

  • Added an option to “Hot Join” games. This allows players to take over an AI-controlled role after the game has already started.

  • Added an option to pause all gameplay when the options menu is opened. This allows players to pause the game when necessary. “Pause game in menu” is enabled by default.

  • Font change. Many texts should now be more readable.

  • Improved the visual layout of News Items.

  • Added a clear interface element showing increases and declines in Population.

Balance changes:

  • Nullifying all stage results as Planet Earth (-25% all results) now generates 6 Force, up from 4.

  • Amplifying all stage results as Planet Earth (+25% all results) now costs 3 Force, down from 4.

  • Nerfed Scientists in the Locust Plague disaster.

  • Nerfed Industry in the Influenza Virus disaster.

  • Slightly nerfed Media and the Public in the Hurricane disaster, while slightly buffing Scientists.

  • Slightly nerfed Scientists in the Asteroid Impact disaster.

  • Nerfed the Public in the Solar Flare disaster, while slightly buffing Earth.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where some Public decisions in the Solar Flare had no effect on scores.


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