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Update 1.4 is live!

We just released Update 1.4, with the Locust Plague quick game added, much requested features & balance improvements!

Read the full changelog below:


  • The Locust Plague disaster is now playable in Quick Game mode!

  • AI players now have unique names. We’d love to hear your suggestions for more creative AI names!

  • AI players now have an AI-icon indicating they’re not a human player

  • Added new context-aware, Project Planet-style cursor icon to make it easier to see which buttons and links are clickable

  • Added an option to hide the lobby code on startup to the menu, as requested by streamers

  • You can now enable video subtitles in the menu

  • Added a Chinese voiceover to the tutorial video

  • Added Chinese voiceovers to the news items

Balance changes:

  • Singleplayer games as Earth vs 5 AIs will now be more challenging in the Locust Plague, Influenza Virus and Asteroid Impact disasters, while the Quick Game version of Influenza Virus will be less difficult.

  • Changed Force cost of Horrify (All stage results x1.50) to 6 down from 8, bringing it in line with Update 1.3’s changes to Amplify and Nullify options.

  • Certain Earth decisions that only affected one Humanity role, now also affect Population, Ecosystems or Pollution to make them more interesting

  • Slightly nerfed Earth in the Locust Plague, Virus and Asteroid disasters, slightly buffed Earth in the Hurricane and Virus quick game disasters.

  • Slightly buffed World Leaders in the Virus disaster.

  • Slightly nerfed Industry in the Solar Flare disaster.

  • Slightly buffed Scientists in the Solar Flare and Solar Flare quick game disasters.

  • Slightly nerfed Media in the Hurricane disaster.

  • Nerfed Public in the Solar Flare and Solar Flare quick game disasters.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Scientists would receive no funding for their research in Solar Flare Stage 2.

  • Fixed a visual error where Scientists’ funding received indicator displayed received funding for a self-funded research track.


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