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Dev Blog #23 - Update 1.4 & new demo!

Welcome back for another Dev Blog!

We are incredibly happy with the reception of Update 1.3 and the subsequent hotfix build, as well as the tremendous support we’ve received from our new player base in Asia! But we’ve been hard at work in the meanwhile, so let’s talk about the upcoming Update 1.4!

Connection Issues

Before we talk about Update 1.4, we want to stress that we are aware of connection issues affecting the gameplay for Chinese players. We are currently working on a solution that we believe will solve this issue, but in the meanwhile players are recommended to use the free game accelerator we talked about earlier (more info here) to mitigate the issue.

Update 1.4

The next big update brings a mix of fresh content, highly requested features and quality of life improvements, along with bug fixes.

First up, we're expanding, we're expanding the game’s content by introducing the Locust Plague quick game mode alongside the Virus and Solar Flare modes introduced in the last update.

To ensure clarity and prevent any confusion, AI players now come with their own unique names and an unmistakable AI icon. No more shenanigans with players trying to confuse others by naming themselves “A.I.” (very clever though :P). Alongside this, we've given the cursor a makeover, adopting a Project Planet-inspired design that dynamically highlights clickable elements, making navigation a breeze.

Lastly, in response to requests from Twitch streamers, we've added an option to hide the lobby code on startup and for our Chinese players, we're enhancing their experience with a Chinese version of the tutorial video and Chinese voiceovers for the News Item.

Balance Improvements

Moreover, Update 1.4 brings with it the most comprehensive set of balance improvements to date! With the influx of Chinese players, we've gathered a substantial amount of data on game balance. This update represents a significant step forward in refining and fine-tuning the balance, making the gaming experience even better for all players!

New Demo

Lastly, we're excited to reveal that alongside Update 1.4, we'll be launching a brand new demo version of Project Planet! During development, keeping the demo up to date became quite a task, and we felt it didn't truly capture the game's quality. However, with the improvements in Update 1.4, we're confident that the game is now at a stage where we can maintain the demo effectively and re-release it for everyone to enjoy!


That’s it for today. Keep an eye out for the many streams by joining our Discord community. Here you can also stay up to date on the latest updates, find others to play with, join our playtests or get in touch and ask us questions!


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