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Everything You Need to Know

What is Project Planet?

Project Planet is a 1v5 serious party game where you can cooperate with and against your friends. Impossible dilemmas with strong real-life parallels, and branching narratives create countless ways to survive cataclysmic disasters like virus outbreaks, solar flares and asteroid impacts. Or you can take control of the disasters as Planet Earth, and destroy humanity altogether!

Will you save your fellow humans, or destroy them?

What platforms can I play Project Planet on?

Project Planet will initially launch on PC only, but may come to other platforms in the future.

How do I play Project Planet with my friends?

All you need to do is invite up to five friends to tag along, make sure they can see the screen (whether in real life or through a stream) and let them join on any web-enabled device (like a smartphone, tablet or PC) by going to Once they've entered the lobby code and chosen a nickname, their browser will become their controller. They don't even need to own the game.

When playing remotely, you can use a video conferencing tool like Zoom, Steam Broadcast, Google Hangouts, Discord, and more to stream the game. Just don't forget to enable audio streaming!

Can I play Project Planet with fewer than 6 players?

Absolutely! If you start the game with fewer than six players, any unselected roles will automatically be played by AI.

Can I play Project Planet alone?

Also yes! You can play any role against five AI-controlled players, although we recommend playing Planet Earth for the best experience in this scenario.

How do I find people to play Project Planet with?

If you don't have enough friends to play with (don't worry, we've been there), you can visit our Discord community and use the "Looking For Group" channel to find other people to play with. Don't be shy!

I found a bug in Project Planet. What do I do?

Sounds like fake news! But if you're absolutely sure you can send an email to our dev team with a description of the issue, what happened before the issue occurred and any other info you believe might be relevant. Thanks!

I have a suggestion to make Project Planet better! How do I tell you?

We love some honest feedback! Please post your improvements and suggestions on the Project Planet Subreddit, so we can keep track of all suggestions and how many players would love to see these changes.

Is Project Planet coming to other platforms?

We would love to bring Project Planet to consoles and potentially other platforms in the future! As soon as we make any such decision, we will announce it through our dev blogs!

What languages does Project Planet support?

Project Planet contains a lot of text, which is awesome, but unfortunately also means it is very expensive to translate. That's why we were only able to use English support for now, but we would certainly love to translate it to other languages if the game is a success!

How to contact us

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