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Fifth Harbour Studios

Based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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  • 1v5 party gameplay

  • Destroy Humanity as Planet Earth

  • Survive a wide range of disasters as Humanity

  • Play as one of 5 Humanity roles, each with unique gameplay

  • Answer impossible dilemmas with lots of real-life parallels

  • Work together, but also pursue your own interests. In the end, there can only be one winner!

  • Use abilities to cooperate with other players, or punish those who don’t act in the group’s (or your own) best interest

  • Branching narratives create limitless ways to experience the disasters

Game Description

Multiplayer couch games and complex board games have been increasingly popular over the last decade, and if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the importance of being able to have a good time with friends and family. Whether in person or online through VoIP software.


It has also renewed our awareness of the fragility and flaws of our exceptional civilization and the risks we face as a species. This game perfectly captures these two developments in a unique blend of existing game genres and dramatic themes.


Project Planet is a strategical party game for up to six players, where you can destroy Humanity with virus outbreaks, asteroid impacts and more as Planet Earth! Or team up with up to five friends as the World Leaders, Industry, Media, Scientists and Public, and try to survive while also competing amongst each other for power. So think multiplayer Plague Inc., but with Among us vibes and Jackbox Party Pack controls!


Sjors had always dreamed of making games, so when the pandemic presented an opportunity, he seized it. He enlisted his friend and game designer Rik to help, and together they built a team to create a game based on the concept of “Earth vs Humanity”. Project Planet was born.


The game draws inspiration from real-life events, predictions and science; especially for the Influenza Virus, but also for the other Disasters. Players will encounter scenarios and dilemmas that mirror the challenges humanity has faced and will face in the future.



Key Art

Logo's & Icon's

About Fifth Harbour Studios

We are Fifth Harbour Studios, a small indie developer from the Netherlands, currently working on our first release called Project Planet, a unique, strategical party game with social deduction elements. At Fifth Harbour, we want to create the best games by putting fun first and creating experiences players can experience together with friends.


Sjors van der Werff

Art (Cofounder)

Sjors studied Animation at the St. Joost School of Art & Design Breda, where he focused on 3D animation. After his studies, he worked as a freelance 3D-generalist for five years before starting his own animation studio (

Sjors has worked on many projects for large dance and light festivals around the world, before merging Werff Design into a new game development and multimedia studio together with Rik.

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Nieck Kelder


Nieck has also studied International Game Architecture & Design at NHTV Breda, specializing in gameplay programming. 


After his studies, he worked as an app developer for large corporations at Move Agency for five years before starting on Project Planet together with Sjors and Rik.


Rik Koning

Production & Game Design (Cofounder)

Rik studied International Game Architecture & Design at NHTV Breda (now BUas), specializing in (narrative) game design and production. After his studies, he worked as a Project Manager and Producer at Spil Games and Azerion for four years.


Here, he gained experience working in multi-disciplinary teams on mobile games such as Operate Now: Hospital (60M installs) and Mahjong Crimes (2M installs) before starting his own studio together with Sjors to focus on making PC games again.


Nathan Nieuwenhuizen


Nathan studied Game Development at Media College Amsterdam and Game Architecture & Design at the HKU Utrecht, specializing in UI/UX Design.

Outside his studies, he worked at OrangeGames (now Azerion) before starting NTJ Games for freelance game development.

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