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Update 1.3.9 is live!

After an amazing first week in China, we just released Update 1.3.9 that addresses the biggest issues and suggestions we received for the Chinese version.

This hotfix solves an important issue with domestic Chinese browsers, introduces QR codes, embedded room codes, Chinese tutorial video, and more!

Read the full changelog below:


  • Added a QR code to the Lobby Screen that players can scan to go directly to

  • Lobby code and regions can now be embedded in URLs (e.g.

  • Added a “Copy to clipboard” button to the Lobby Screen, allowing players to copy and paste the URL (including region and lobby code) to others.

  • Added a subtitled version of the tutorial version for Chinese players.

Balance changes:

  • Buffed Scientists in the Virus and Quick Game Solar Flare disasters, and slightly in the Hurricane disaster.

  • Nerfed the Public in the Solar Flare disaster.

  • Nerfed Earth in the Asteroid and Quick Game Solar Flare disasters.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where descriptions and effects of decisions would not be displayed properly on certain domestic browsers by disabling browser UI animations.

  • Fixed an issue where the live feed was less wide than before due to the new font.


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