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Update 1.5 is live!

We just released Update 1.5, with the Asteroid Impact quick game added, a new option to use Chinese servers & French translations added!

Read the full changelog below:


  • The Asteroid Impact disaster is now playable in Quick Game mode!

  • Added a new "China" option to the server list to resolve connection issues experienced by Chinese players. Asian players outside China can continue to choose the "Asia" server, now named “Japan”.

  • Added (experimental) French translations to the game! Please note that these translations may not be perfect yet. We’d love to hear your feedback on the translations in our Discord channel or Steam Community hub!

Balance changes:

  • Slightly nerfed Earth in the Locust Plague and Asteroid Impact disasters.

  • Slightly nerfed the Industry and the Public in the Solar Flare disaster.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the game would get stuck after a Crisis if a Research Track was active.

  • Multiple improvements to translations of tooltips, subtitles, and more

  • Many small bug fixes and tweaks


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