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Update 1.2 is live!

We just released Update 1.2, our largest update so far!

This introduces the all-new Solar Flare disaster, as well as new turn and read time customization, notifications when someone used an ability on you, and lots of balance changes and bug fixing!


  • Added the Solar Flare disaster to the game!

  • Added turn timers to the game.

  • Added Read Times to the game.

  • You will now receive a notification when you are targeted by another player’s ability. Tap the notification for more information, or dismiss it by pressing the X-button.

  • Introduced a new option for Earth’s final decision in some stages, with a random (positive or negative) effect on Population at 0 Force cost.

  • Reduced the length of the Virus disaster’s first stage by ~3 questions on average. This brings the disaster more in line with the other disasters’ lengths.

  • Ability options now have titles. The tooltip explaining the effect (cooperative/hostile, self-interest or environmental) that was previously shown in the title is moved to just below the answer title.

  • Added an overview of active and past Stages in the question screen on web.

  • Made a wide range of improvements to existing texts.

  • Changed the unlockable <33% Ecosystems and Pollution Incidents to -6 Population and -2 Ecosystems or Pollution, from -2 Population and -6 Ecosystems or Pollution. This change should create a bigger payoff for reaching the lowest threshold of Ecosystems and Pollution, as players tend to reach these levels towards the end of the game when the impact of Ecosystems and Pollution is lower.

Balance changes:

  • Decreased the impact of minus Population decisions by 3% to offset the previous change.

  • Nerfed Earth and the Media’s impact on Population in Stage 3 and 4 of the Asteroid Impact, while increasing their impact on Ecosystems & Pollution. This should make it easier for Humanity to survive this disaster.

  • Slightly nerfed Earth in the Hurricane disaster.

  • Slightly nerfed World Leaders in the Asteroid Impact disaster, but buffed World Leaders in the Hurricane and Locust Plague disasters.

  • Slightly nerfed Scientists in the Locust Plague disaster, but buffed Scientists in the Asteroid Impact disaster.

  • Nerfed the Industry in the Virus disaster.

  • Buffed the Public's endgame in the Virus and Asteroid Impact disasters.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where an A.I. Earth could use more difficult Crises than human players.

  • Fixed an issue where certain news items in Locust Plague stage 1 had incorrect titles and voiceovers.

  • Fixed an issue where two decisions had no cost for a Scientists track in Asteroid Stage 1.

  • Fixed two small issues with Earth Incident values.

  • Fixed a blurry font in the settings menu.


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