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Update 1.1 is live!

We just released Update 1.1!

This introduces the much-anticipated Asteroid Impact disaster, as well as a rework for the Crisis system, balance changes and a lot of other fixes and improvements.


  • Added the Asteroid Impact disaster!

  • Players can now play a severe asteroid impact disaster, with scenarios ranging from investigating the point of impact, evacuating residents, rescuing survivors and dealing with the environmental after effects of this devastating cataclysm!

  • Crisis rework: We’ve noticed that many experienced Earth players would never use the Crisis, as the risk of losing Force without decreasing the Population (if Humanity successfully prevents the Crisis) is too big. To combat this, we’ve reworked the Crisis to be a lot cheaper to use, and have a viable 0 Force option in case Earth doesn’t want to risk any Force. The Crisis now has four different options:

    • 0 Force cost, 18 points required by humanity, -2 Population if successful.

    • 1 Force cost, 23 points required by humanity, -4 Population if successful.

    • 2 Force cost, 28 points required by humanity, -6 Population if successful.

    • 3 Force cost, 33 points required by humanity, -8 Population if successful.

  • The Teamplayer and Egotistical awards in the Stage results screen are now based on most positive and negative impact on Population, Ecosystem & Pollution. Before, Egotistical used to be based on the most positive effect on a player's own score, which often resulted in the player that used the most abilities getting the Egotistical award.

  • AI controlled humanity players will now use abilities.

  • Added a borderless windowed mode

Balance changes:

  • Nerfed the Industry role in the Hurricane and Virus disasters.

  • Nerfed the Public role in the Hurricane disaster.

  • Slightly buffed the Scientists role in the Hurricane disaster.

  • Buffed Earth's options in Hurricane Stage 4.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that would cause the game to end early in Hurricane Stage 3.

  • Fixed an issue where AI would not take over a kicked player when that player had one or more questions queued, for example while answering an ability while another question is queued.

  • Normalized the audio levels for all news videos, fixing an issue where some had low audio levels.


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