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Dev Blog #6 - Testing, testing, testing!

Welcome back for another dev blog!

Today we have some exciting developments to talk about, specifically related to the gameplay and upcoming trailer.


For the last month, we've been knee-deep in gameplay testing, with regular players, friends, and other game designers to give us their honest feedback. The good news is, we've been blown away by the results! It's been incredible to see Project Planet come to life and we can’t wait to share our progress with you all!

Based on the feedback, we don't expect any major changes to the gameplay will be necessary. However, we recognize the importance of making the game crystal clear to our players and we'll be spending the coming months perfecting what we already have. This gives us confidence in the direction of the game, and we expect to be able to announce a release date soon!

Gameplay Trailer

Last time we talked about recording the Gameplay Trailer. Today we’re happy to share that it's coming together nicely. We expect to have something more substantial to share in two weeks, but for now we’ll leave you with another sneak peek:

That’s it for today. Be sure to follow us on our social channels for more content!

And if you want to get in touch or ask us questions, quickly head over to our Discord community!


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