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Dev Blog #5 - Gameplay Trailer Behind The Scenes

Welcome back for another dev blog!

Time flies! It’s already been two months since we officially revealed the first Project Planet teaser, which means it’s about time we released our next trailer! As mentioned in the last Dev Blog, we’ve already started working on the Gameplay Trailer, and today we’ll give you an exciting first look!

Gameplay Trailer

Although we believe that our Reveal Trailer effectively depicts the setting and graphics of Project Planet, we understand that you are eager to see the gameplay in action. To provide you with a better sense of the game, we’ve started working on the Gameplay Trailer which will feature in-game footage as well as a group of friends playing the game in a typical party game setting.

Because Project Planet is such a unique game, condensing all of its various elements into a brief trailer is quite challenging. Our goal is to effectively communicate the core concept of one Earth player facing off against five Humanity players, as well as the game's branching narratives, the social party game atmosphere of playing on a couch with friends via mobile phones, and the competition among Humanity players to emerge as the sole victor.

Figuring out how to effectively showcase all of these elements in a one-minute trailer required a lot of our brain power, but we think we managed it quite well and expect to be able to share the results in a few weeks. We can’t wait for your feedback!

Behind The Scenes

Of course we want to do more than just talk about the trailer, so it’s time to share some behind the scenes footage!

Last week we transformed our living room into a studio and recorded the footage. Check below for an impression behind the scenes!

Alright, that’s it for today. Be sure to follow us on our social channels for more content!

And if you want to get in touch or ask us questions, quickly head over to our Discord community!


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