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Dev Blog #2 - Gameplay

Happy New Year everyone!

It's time for another Dev Blog, and this one is a bit longer than usual.

We've shown you videos and screenshots of the Disasters in Project Planet, but we know you're curious about the gameplay. The team is hard at work creating an extensive gameplay trailer that should be ready later this quarter, but until then we wanted to give you a small sneak peek into the gameplay today!

Finding a group to play with

To start a game of Project Planet, gather some friends or if you’re still looking for those, find players on the #looking-for-group channel on our Discord. You can play with up to five other people, and any roles that are not filled will automatically be played by AI.

Project Planet is best enjoyed together on a couch, but if you can't all be in the same place, no problem - just stream the game to your friends using a video streaming service

Filling the lobby

Ready to play? Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Project Planet website on your phone, tablet, or other web-enabled device.

  2. Enter the Lobby Code and choose a username.

  3. Press "Join Game" and wait for everyone to select their preferred role.

  4. It's game time!

So what’s the gameplay?

Now that the game has started, it’s time to put your survival skills to the test. First, Planet Earth chooses a Disaster to challenge humanity. Earth can add insult to injury by piling on a wide range of Incidents and Crises, destroying the planet’s Ecosystems, increasing global Pollution, and rapidly reducing Humanity’s Population.

Meanwhile, the other five players need to guide their way through a series of impossible dilemmas. Each decision can affect everyone’s scores and determines the path humanity takes, leading to endless potential scenarios.

There can only be one winner

While Project Planet is a 1v5 multiplayer game, there is only one ultimate winner. If the Population is reduced to zero, Planet Earth wins. If humanity survives, the player with the highest score wins. This means you'll need to balance your decisions for the good of the Population with those that benefit your own score. While it may be tempting to prioritize your own score, remember that going down the selfish route can lead to conflict with other players and even Humanity's demise.

That’s all for now! Be sure to follow us on our social channels for more content. We even have a TikTok channel now!

And if you want to get in touch or ask us questions, quickly head over to our Discord community!


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