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Dev Blog #19 - Solar Flare livestream & Playtest

Welcome back for another Dev Blog!

Today we’ve got some exciting footage from the upcoming Solar Flare disaster, info on how you can help us playtest it, as well as Project Planet’s very first award!

Solar Flare Footage

The Solar Flare starts with the detection of increased solar activity, where Scientists need to discover the flare’s potential impact on society and where its weak points lie. The rest of humanity needs to decide between spending their resources to prepare for the flare’s arrival or continuing business as usual for as long as possible.

The second Stage is all about the outburst hitting Earth, with beautiful auroras appearing all around the planet, power grids going offline and satellite destruction spiraling out of control. Players will be figuratively and literally in the dark until they manage to restore power and communication channels. A perfect opportunity to secretly prioritize your self-interests without other players finding out!

Livestream Playtest

If these videos got you excited, you may want to join us for our first official playtest of the Solar Flare disaster. Saturday November 9th at 9 PM CET / 3 PM EST, we will be holding our next community dev stream where we’ll be trying out the new disaster. We hope to see you there!

Turn & Animation Timers

Project Planet is the perfect game to play during a chill night with your friends, but sometimes you need to amp up the tension and stress levels a little. In the upcoming Update 1.2, we will be adding adjustable turn timers as well as animation speeds. Turn timers give players a maximum amount of time to make decisions, ranging from 3 minutes (or completely disabled) all the way down to only ten seconds for a crazy speedrun.

The animation timers determine how long messages about decisions will stay on screen. Perfect for slow readers or those who prefer to skip every text with more than three words (are you even reading this?).

Game Tasting Award

Last but not least, Project Planet has received its first official award! Back in June, we playtested our game at Game Taste’s Test & Play event in Rotterdam, which earned us a nomination for the “A Taste of Success” (best playtest) award. We’re incredibly proud to share that last Saturday, we won the award!


That’s it for today. Keep an eye out for the many streams by joining our Discord community. Here you can also stay up to date on the latest updates, find others to play with, join our playtests or get in touch and ask us questions!


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