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Dev Blog #17 - Roadmap time!

Welcome back for another Dev Blog!

Today we’re sharing the first details of our roadmap for the upcoming months and how we plan to keep improving the game, and we’ll go into detail on some of these upcoming features.

Update 1.1

The next update is rapidly approaching and expected to go live on October 25th! It will contain the much anticipated Asteroid Impact disaster, as well as a rework to the Crisis system and many improvements to the balance. In the meanwhile, you can still help us improve the new disaster by joining our weekly community streams (each Friday at 8PM CEST / 2PM EST) and sharing your feedback!


After update 1.1 we plan to implement the most-requested features by the community and continue adding more content. Please note that this roadmap is still subject to change, as we’re constantly gathering more feedback from players and reassessing our priorities accordingly.

Clarifying these upcoming features and changes, we received lots of requests to add additional languages to the game. As our game contains over 200,000 words, it is simply too expensive for a small Indie studio like ours to translate the game in the traditional manner. To accommodate non-English speaking players however, we have set up a system using AI-translations to reach an acceptable quality. We then want to iteratively improve these translations over time, assisted by community members who have already offered their support with translations. More on this later!

The Solar Flare will be the next big disaster added to the game after the Asteroid. In this disaster, players will face a devastating coronal mass ejection, destroying energy grids, crashing satellites, and disrupting supply lines to plunge humanity into a new dark age.

Another much requested feature is the ability to adjust game speeds. To achieve this, we are (re)introducing customizable turn timers where players need to make a decision before the timer runs out. We are also giving players the option to adjust animation speeds, e.g. how long news items stay on-screen or how long Live Feed notifications stay centre screen before floating to the top right.

The new “Policy” feature will allow Humanity players to set certain policies to affect the planet’s Ecosystems and Pollution. This allows them to work against Earth more at the cost of their own Score, or improve their score at the expense of Humanity, as well as giving players a little more to do during other players’ turns.

Finally the Twitch integration will give streamers the option to let their chat take over the Public role. Viewers will be able to vote on options through polls, to decide whether they want to team up with the streamer and other players, or work against them. This feature was much-requested by streamers, so we hope this will add a whole new dynamic to streaming Project Planet!


That’s it for today. Keep an eye out for the many streams by joining our Discord community. Here you can also stay up to date on the latest updates, find others to play with, or get in touch and ask us questions!


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