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Dev Blog #15 - Getting ready for release!

Welcome back for another Dev Blog, the last one before release!

The day is finally here, it’s Project Planet release day! We can’t wait for everyone to play the full game! We also have some incredibly exciting news to share, as well as a new trailer, so go check it out!

Project Planet in Popular Upcoming Releases

Last week was the highlight of our 3+ years of development, as we managed to get into Steam’s Popular Upcoming Releases list! This is extremely exciting for a small indie game as ours, and a huge accomplishment that we couldn’t have achieved without your amazing support! But we’re not stopping there… With your help we’re going to make Project Planet even more fun than it already is!

Release Trailer - Streamers Version

As the release approaches, we're excited to unveil a brand-new trailer! Project Planet is a game designed to be played together, and we've witnessed this concept truly come to life through the incredible streamers who have been enjoying the game on Twitch.

Here’s our latest trailer with some quotes with Twitch streamers:

Release Stream later today!

Join us later today for the official release stream, featuring Twitch streamers UserFriendsly, BlondeLikeMonroe, RedDuelist and us devs. You can find the stream on [url=]our official Twitch channel[/url], starting at 2PM CEST / 8 AM EST. During the livestream, we'll play a few rounds of Project Planet with the community before launching the game live on stream!

Meme contest!

Last but not least, we still have our meme contest going on in the weekly community night streams over on Twitch! As mentioned before, we are now Twitch affiliates, which means the streams will be even more fun than before. We also have a large list of Twitch streamers playing the game live soon, so keep a close eye on our Events tab on the official Discord server for more information.

Next week we will announce the final winners, out of these winners so far:


That’s it for today. Don’t forget to join our release stream on Monday and join our Discord community. Here you can also stay up to date on the latest updates, find others to play with, or get in touch and ask us questions!


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