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Dev Blog #14 - New trailer, new update & more!

Welcome back for another Dev Blog!

Today we’re talking about our brand new trailer, participating in the Dreamhack Beyond Indie Summer Showcase and attending Gamescom, our Update 0.12 and our ongoing community meme contest!

Release date reveal trailer

Right after the last Dev Blog we revealed our brand new “Release Date Reveal Trailer”. It features an updated version of our Gameplay trailer with (in our opinion) much better pacing, and is the trailer we’ll be using for the last marketing push towards our release date.

September 25th is rapidly approaching, so if you haven’t already, watch the new trailer and get hyped!

Update 0.12

We also have some exciting news for those playing the demo or closed beta right now, as we plan to release Update 0.12 soon! It’ll have a lot of nice improvements, like clear notifications on your phone when it’s your turn, more tactical Earth gameplay, and lots of balance changes.

For the full list of changes, keep an eye out on the update 0.12 release post that’s coming when the update goes live in the next couple of days.

Dreamhack & Gamescom!

Recently we participated in the Dreamhack Beyond Indie Summer showcase, where we were featured on their Steam page for a full ten days! We saw a lot of new players join the Discord and an increase in Wishlists, and took the opportunity to have lots of livestreams which also allowed us to become Twitch affiliates!

We also attended Gamescom and spoke to lots of potential partners to get the game to more players in the future. So keep an eye out for more exciting news in the future!

Meme contest!

Last but not least, we still have our meme contest going on in the weekly community night streams over on Twitch! As mentioned before, we are now Twitch affiliates, which means the streams will be even more fun than before. We also have a large list of Twitch streamers playing the game live soon, so keep a close eye on our Events tab on the official Discord server for more information.

Halfway into the meme contest, here are our winners so far!


That’s it for today. Keep an eye out for the many streams by joining our Discord community. Here you can also stay up to date on the latest updates, find others to play with, or get in touch and ask us questions!


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