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Dev Blog #13 - Release date announcement!

Welcome back for another Dev Blog, and an exciting one at that!

Project Planet finally has a planned release date, and you won’t have to wait long!

Release Date

We’re officially announcing that Project Planet will release on Monday the 25th of September!

It’s been a long three years of hard work, but seeing the community play and enjoy our game over these past few months has been an amazing experience and has given us more energy than ever to make this final push! We cannot wait to welcome even more players to Project Planet when we finally release the full version.

Over the next month and a half, we will work together with a wide range of streamers to give players a sneak peek of the new disasters. First we will share the Locust Plague and Hurricane disasters, which have already been played by a handful of streamers. Later we will add the Asteroid Impact. Keep an eye out for these streams on our Discord (or follow our Twitch channel), or join our weekly community streams each Friday @8PM CEST for exclusive access!

The game will launch with a total of three disasters (Virus, Locust Plague & Hurricane) with the Asteroid Impact being added in the first update. After that we will add two more disasters, with the Solar Flare and Volcanic Eruption through later updates.

Dreamhack Summer Indie Showcase

We also have some exciting news about Dreamhack’s Indie Showcase, as Project Planet has been selected for this year’s Summer edition! The festival will start in exactly one week, Friday the 18th of August and run until the 27th. During this week and a half, we will organize multiple streams on our Steam page, so don’t miss out!

Meme Awards

Finally, we have been having so much fun with all the Project Planet memes during our weekly community streams, that we decided to hold a contest. Each week for the next 8 weeks we will select the best meme submitted during the community stream. Creators of the memes will be featured in the game’s credits and receive a special Discord Memelord role.

At the end of the contest, we will select the three best memes from the eight winners. Final winners will be able to choose between a full key to the game or being featured in the game’s News Items.

The first week’s winner was:

Submitted by Raiking, who has now proudly earned himself the "Memelord!" role on Discord!


That’s it for today. Keep an eye out for the many streams and see you during our weekly community stream and at Dreamhack’s Summer Indie Showcase!

In the meanwhile you can join our Discord community to stay up to date on everything that happens, find others to play with, or if you want to get in touch or ask us questions!


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