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Dev Blog #12 - Upcoming update, community streams & podcast!

Welcome back for another Dev Blog!

Today we have some good news about the next demo update, information on our weekly community streams and a Flemish gaming podcast that featured Project Planet and our dev Rik.

Upcoming Update

Over the last month we’ve been working very hard processing the feedback we received from you during Steam Next Fest and on our Discord channel. We’re happy to announce that the next update will be released tomorrow, and will include a long list of bug fixes and improvements.

Among the most notable changes are:

  • An increase to AI decision timers to make it easier to follow what’s happening, particularly when playing against many AIs.

  • A fix for the issue where players selected an ability but nothing happened, despite using the ability.

  • A fix for the issue where the game wouldn’t end when the population hit 0.

  • And loads of balance changes.

More on this tomorrow!

Community Streams

If you’d like to play the game with other people, but you’re having trouble getting a group of friends together to play with, our new community streams might be something for you! Every Friday evening at 8 PM CEST (11 AM PST) we are hosting a community night on Twitch. Everyone is allowed to join the game and chat with us on Discord, and you may even get a sneak peek of new updates!

And if you’re not able to join the stream on Fridays, you can find lots of other streams from content creators on our public Discord. For example, BlondeLikeMonroe is streaming tomorrow Saturday the 14th of July at 8 PM CEST (11 AM PST) and DKittyCone will be playing Monday the 17th of July at 10 AM CEST (1 AM PST). Come join the fun!

Devtig Gesprek on the Bitkroeg podcast

Last Thursday our producer and game designer Rik was a guest on the Bitkroeg podcast. Unfortunately for the non-Dutch speaking players the podcast is fully in Dutch, but it covered many interesting topics on the game development process and state of the games industry. They also played a game of Project Planet to introduce the gameplay to the audience.

Thanks a lot to Robby Bisschop and Rutger Cnudde for having us! You can find the podcast through the links below:

That’s it for today! Be sure to check back soon for the demo update. We also expect to announce our full release date within the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned!

In the meanwhile you can join our Discord community to discuss the game, find others to play with, or if you want to get in touch or ask us questions!


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