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Dev Blog #11 - Last week’s madness!

Welcome back for another Dev Blog!

Last week has been a hell of a ride, and by far the wildest week in Project Planet’s history with lots to talk about:

Steam Next Fest

From the very first evening (Europe time), Next Fest has been one huge party. Throughout the week we quadrupled our wishlists and welcomed over fifty new players to our Discord community. Thanks to Twitch streamers UserFriendsly and Coppersan, as well as Game Taste, we were able to set up live streams for every day of the week and see the game in action. We had a blast interacting with the players, gathering their feedback, meeting new people and seeing the Discord community come to live!

Lot’s of Streamers

The highlight of our week was undoubtedly seeing lots of people try Project Planet on all these livestreams. During one of the streams we reached over 20,000 concurrent viewers (one of the top streams of the entire festival) and over 200,000 viewers joined in total. Incredible!

If you had fun participating in these streams, follow the #livestreams channel on our Discord as we plan to set up regular livestreams soon! In the meanwhile, here are some more amazing numbers from last week:

Indigo Festival

On Wednesday we attended Indigo Festival in Utrecht, The Netherlands, as one of the 22 selected showcases. Throughout the event, roughly a hundred industry professionals got to try out Project Planet and give feedback. We were totally overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedback and interest we received from our peers. More on this may be coming soon!

The Future

Now with Next Fest and Indigo behind us, the logical question is… what’s next?

First of all, we are happy to announce our demo will stay available even now that Next Fest has ended, and will continue to be available at least until the full release in late Q3.

We will also be working with content creators to give players an exclusive sneak peek of the other Disasters coming with the full release (Asteroid Impact, Locust Plague & Hurricane), so make sure to keep an eye out for that on Discord.

At the same time, we will focus on fixing some of the biggest issues currently in the demo:

  • Players sometimes won’t see their question until they refresh the browser.

  • Sometimes abilities are lost without being used when activated.

  • The game will not always end immediately when the Population reaches 0.

And we’ll be looking at making more quality of life changes. Some of the possibilities being considered are:

  • Giving Humanity players more to do when it’s not their turn.

  • Giving Humanity players more impact on Ecosystems and Pollution.

  • Allowing players to take control of a role played by AI when the game is already in progress.

  • Adding Twitch stream integration and other support for content creators

That’s it for today. Let us know which changes you’re looking forward to the most on our Discord community! And be sure to wishlist Project Planet below.


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