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Announcing Project Planet - Earth vs Humanity!

We are extremely proud to announce Fifth Harbour Studio’s very first game; Project Planet!

Multiplayer couch games and complex board games have been increasingly popular over the last decade, and if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the importance of being able to have a good time with friends and family. Whether in person or online.

It has also renewed our awareness of the fragility and flaws of our exceptional civilization and the risks we face as a species. Project Planet perfectly captures these two developments in a unique blend of existing game genres and dramatic themes.

What is Project Planet?

Project Planet is a 1v5 serious party game where you can cooperate with and against your friends. Impossible dilemmas with strong real-life parallels, and branching narratives create countless ways to survive cataclysmic disasters like virus outbreaks, solar flares and asteroid impacts. Or you can take control of the disasters as Planet Earth, and destroy humanity altogether!

Will you save your fellow humans, or destroy them?

What roles can I play?

You can choose between Planet Earth and one of Humanity’s roles. As Earth, you will take on up to five of your friends. Your goal is to stop humanity from doing further harm, by wiping them off the planet.

Humanity is made up of five distinct roles – World Leaders, Industry, Scientists, Media, and the Public – each with its own gameplay style and the need to collaborate for survival. However, the goal is not just the survival of the human race, but also the pursuit of power and influence among players.

What is the gameplay like?

Project Planet challenges players with complex dilemmas that require careful consideration of not only the immediate effects of their decisions but also their potential future consequences. The game's narrative drives the need to negotiate, cooperate, and strategically utilize abilities to align with those acting in the best interest of humanity and oppose those who are not.

And here's the best part; your friends don't even need to own the game to play with you! Even if they can’t come over to your house, all you need to do is use a video conference tool to stream the game to them, have them visit on their phone or PC, and their browser will become their controller. It's that easy!

*or any other web-enabled device

Why Early Access?

We strive to make Project Planet the best it can be and recognize that the player base plays a crucial role in game development alongside our team. While we are launching with a wealth of content, we have much more planned. Your feedback during the first months of Early Access will be invaluable in refining game balance and addressing any issues you may encounter.

We'd love to hear from you, so please consider joining our community on Steam or Discord!

So join us!

Whether you intend to save humanity or destroy it, we would love to get your input. Join our wishlist to keep up to date on the development, and participate in our community to bring Project Planet to the next level!

Please follow us on our social channels for more updates here! More from us soon!


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